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Learn how health actuaries can be VBC heroes. Our Chief Analytics Officer, Emily Walker, outlines the four biggest barriers to VBC adoption and explains the specific ways health actuaries can lead the effort to overcome each of these barriers.


VBC with transparency is possible. Find out how.

Learn how to deliver tangible, high-value results from your VBC efforts, including: 

  • Critical contract elements and pitfalls 

  • Contracting trends 

  • Successes and failures

  • The two essential elements that should undergird every VBC contract.

VBC success is possible. Find out how!

Syntax CEO and Co-Founder Rachael Jones spoke to Rashmi Rao for the HLWF Alliance Experts in Conversation interview series. Read their conversation about accelerating adoption of value-based care models.

Syntax CEO and Co-Founder Rachael Jones joined a discussion about how value-based care adoption is unfolding right now—and what to expect in the coming years. Moderated by Redesign Health Venture Chair Missy Krasner, the conversation also includes Redesign Health Advisors Francois de Brantes and Juliette Price.