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Awards & Recognition

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Health Plan
Innovation Roundtable 


2023 Pitch Competition Winner

Syntax was among those “nominated as the most innovative and high-potential early-stage solutions for the Health System Market.” HPIR’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of innovation to improve member health, wellness, and productivity.


Milestones & Achievements

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Wakely Review 


Syntax’s value-based care models and calculations—the vital core of our two-sided VBC contracting platform—have been reviewed by Wakely Consulting Group actuaries. The Wakely review is a huge milestone for Syntax because it means our models and calculations have been peer reviewed by industry leading experts.

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HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA compliance is a big milestone for Syntax because it means we can now ingest clients' data into our platform and unleash the true power of Syntax to power trust, transparency, and transformation. To achieve HIPAA compliance, we used Vanta to identify 70+ HIPAA controls and conduct 100+ tests to constitute evidence of HIPAA compliance. 

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Bessemer Venture Partners 

 “We believe that there is an enormous opportunity for software to become the system of record and connective tissue between payers and providers, thus enabling a more transparent and efficient payment system.… There's a crucial need for payment rails designed for value-based care, including standardized contracts and milestones, better outcomes tracking, aimed at alleviating the cash flow challenges often faced by healthcare services companies. Examples of companies include… Syntax”

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