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Past Events

We've been on the go! Check out our past events to see more about how Syntax is engaging the VBC community. To book a presentation or find out more about any of these events, contact us.

AVIA Venture Network

Virtual Pitch for the AVIA Venture Network 

January 2024

Redesign Health 
CEO Summit Presentation: VBC 101 for Healthcare Startups: It’s not Magic, It’s Math
December 2023

Iguana Care Innovations
Innovator Portfolio Webinar: VBC for Startups: Why VBC can feel like a losing game and what it takes to win
December 2023

Provider Health Innovation Roundtable 
Winner of Pitch Competition: Meet Syntax: An actionable approach to incentive design
December 2023

Catalyst for Payment Reform 
Podcast Episode 129: “Value-based Contracting: It’s not magic, it’s math” 
November 2023

Texas Association of Health Plans Texas Covered Conference 
Conference Recap 

November 2023

Society of Actuaries ImpACT Conference 
Panel session: Provider Contracting ‘Age of Aquarius’ Are we there yet?  
October 2023

Conference Recap & Inspiring Women @ HLTH Podcast 
October 2023

Health Care Payment Learning & Action Network
2023 Summit : Read our CAO Emily Walker’s takeaways 
October 2023

Health Plan Innovation Roundtable
Winner of Pitch Competition: Meet Syntax: Farewell, friction. Hello, harmony.
August 2023

VBC Community Webinar: Ushering in a new era of value-based care
August 2023

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