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Past Events

We've been on the go! Check out our past events to see more about how Syntax is engaging the VBC community. To book a presentation or find out more about any of these events, contact us.


May 2024



April 2024


March 2024

Atlanta Inno

Syntax named one of the 2024 Startups to Watch

March 2024


February 2024

AVIA Venture Network

Virtual Pitch for the AVIA Venture Network 

January 2024

Redesign Health 
CEO Summit Presentation: VBC 101 for Healthcare Startups: It’s not Magic, It’s Math
December 2023

Iguana Care Innovations
Innovator Portfolio Webinar: VBC for Startups: Why VBC can feel like a losing game and what it takes to win
December 2023

Provider Health Innovation Roundtable 
Winner of Pitch Competition: Meet Syntax: An actionable approach to incentive design
December 2023

Catalyst for Payment Reform 
Podcast Episode 129: “Value-based Contracting: It’s not magic, it’s math” 
November 2023

Texas Association of Health Plans Texas Covered Conference 
Conference Recap 

November 2023

Society of Actuaries ImpACT Conference 
Panel session: Provider Contracting ‘Age of Aquarius’ Are we there yet?  
October 2023

Conference Recap & Inspiring Women @ HLTH Podcast 
October 2023

Health Care Payment Learning & Action Network
2023 Summit : Read our CAO Emily Walker’s takeaways 
October 2023

Health Plan Innovation Roundtable
Winner of Pitch Competition: Meet Syntax: Farewell, friction. Hello, harmony.
August 2023

VBC Community Webinar: Ushering in a new era of value-based care
August 2023

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