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One of the biggest gaps in transforming the way care is delivered is the tension between hospital systems, physician organizations who administer care, and insurance companies who administer payment. Value based care is a concept that aims to change that dynamic.  The basic premise: organize our healthcare system in a way that compensates the provider of care for delivering value to their patients. 

There’s a lot of hesitancy about going to value-based payment, and as an industry, we seem to be stuck in place. Insurance companies who pay for care and physicians who provide care are often deadlocked in manual processes, inefficiencies and imprecision, fundamental issues that create friction and underlie a persistent lack of trust and transparency.

Syntax is a company built “for the people by the people.” In this blog you'll find insights and perspectives honed from  60+ years of combined experience working for and with health plans, both at the national and regional levels. Written by healthcare veterans who have led VBC contracting and analytics teams, you'll find practical tips and thought provoking content aimed at making value-based care work better for all.


Join us in ushering a new era of value-based care!

Rachael Jones

CEO & Co-Founder, Syntax

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