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Radical change for practical people

We're dedicated to making value-based care a reality.
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Our Mission

At Syntax, we're ushering in a new era of value-based care by enabling trustworthy, transparent collaboration and frictionless incentive design.​

Our Story

Value-based care (VBC) has the potential to drastically improve American healthcare — shifting incentives to put patient outcomes first while reducing costs. However, the potential of value-based care models remains unrealized because the path to success is blocked by a lack of confidence, technical difficulties and broken trust. Syntax is here to offer a better way.


As the industry’s first solution that enables a secure, interactive interface for healthcare providers to dynamically respond to value-based care contract proposals, Syntax provides real time insights into how VBC models can generate better outcomes and improve bottom line results.


We are a company built “for the people by the people” with over 60 years of combined experience working for and with health plans, both at the national and regional levels. Because of this, our team has a unique perspective on the challenges health plans and provider organizations face and we bring these insights to everything we do. 


Our Culture


We prioritize collaboration and input over lone rangers


We operate with high integrity and have zero tolerance for excuses


We show our work and use tools, systems & processes to promote and support transparency

Our Values

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We believe the system works better when everyone has access to the same information. Our aim to flip today’s payer-provider contracting burden to an engine of value creation and growth.



We believe successful outcomes are the result of direct, honest relationships between payors and providers and view trust as a by-product of collaboration, within teams and across silos.

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We know the landscape and the language. We define success helping our clients free the capacity of highly skilled teams to deliver competitive edge.

Our team is your  team

We speak the language of analytics and know firsthand
the barriers plans & providers must overcome
to win in value-based care. 
Syntax TEAM headshots
Syntax TEAM headshots

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