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Syntax 2023: Better VBC collaboration has begun.

Updated: Mar 18

It’s been an awesome year at Syntax. Our 2023 focus was to launch and land and I’m proud to say, we did just that: 

  • launched Syntax–the first ever two sided platform to accelerate VBC contracting—with $7.5M in seed funding that gives us a healthy runway and supports our continued growth, and 

  • landed four clients—two digital health innovators, a large provider group, and a large healthcare system. 

This year, Syntax - 


screenshot of software platform

Made solid platform progress: 

  • added negotiation view, allowing users to dynamically propose and counter-propose contract terms with financial impacts automatically calculated

  • achieved 100% HIPAA compliance

  • completed peer review by Wakely Consulting Group actuaries

  • began onboarding new clients

graphic with Catalyst logo and headshots of Rachael Jones and Emily Walker

Garnered industry recognition:

  • invited to speak at the Society of Actuaries conference

  • recognized as an emerging trend by Bessemer Venture Partners 

  • named a healthcare innovator by PM360

  • invited to the summer and winter cohorts for HPIR’s Academy and Earliest Adopter Academy programs

  • won the PHIR and HPIR pitch competitions

workers at healthcare industry event

Told our story: 

Syntax team together

Built an inclusive, accountable, and collaborative culture, including our awesome:

We couldn’t be more excited about the momentum with which we’re entering 2024. 

Next year, the key word for team Syntax is, expand! We’re focusing on delivering results for our new and growing client base with flexible deployments and speed to value, as well as continuing to grow the brand—all with an eye toward making value-based care friction free. 

We are so pleased you’re following our journey.

Until next time,


Rachael Jones headshot

Rachael Jones is the founder & CEO of Syntax Health and a thought-leader in Healthcare Payment Innovation, Analytics, Product Development, Commercialization & AI Solutions



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